I am a Public-Speaker, a Mentor, and the co-founder and CEO of Eunimart. Eunimart was launched in Hyderabad, India in May 2016 and later incorporated in Singapore in January 2017. 

Through Eunimart, I am empowering thousands of SMEs and mid-market customers in emerging markets to sell global through a single purposefully developed platform, to cut costs by up to 35% and to triple their revenues.

I have assembled an advisory board of three INSEAD professors that provide me with invaluable support, advice and endorsement. 

In the last four years, Eunimart has become one of the most comprehensive platforms ever built that connects artificial Intelligence, ecommerce, and supply chain to bring unprecedented value to sellers and enterprise clients across the world. We offer solutions to address real-life issues and to impact the overall efficiency of an organization. In the last two years, Eunimart has steadily grown at 24% month-on-month and at 80% profit margins on what may be considered a US$ 384 Bn global market opportunity. 

But it was not easy. In the beginning, it was Archana and I that went through the trial and error phases and formed the backbone of Eunimart. My experience in the armed forces made me an excellent problem-solver and helped me put out a lot of (virtual) fires. I am fortunate to have always had the support of people around me. My friends and peers also offered their skills to help me pro bono in advertising, marketing and other jobs when I couldn’t afford to onboard a professional. They didn’t stop there, the INSEAD community were also my first angel investors.  I crowdfunded US$ 50k through INSEAD alumni network to launch Eunimart and ultimately bring it to its current state today.

Starting a company is a serious undertaking, which involves plenty of risk and sacrifice to go around as new businesses and ideas fail the majority of time. Even if you have an incredible talent and creative ideas, figuring out on how to get started, building your reputation is difficult. My aim was to grow with each step because I had the vision to accomplish a dream which is much bigger than any of these challenges.This ideology was inbuilt as a result of my upbringing and the atmosphere I was raised in, and I was fortunate to be born and brought up in a family that valued quality of education over grades. This contemplation helped me achieve many things; as I was not barred by limitations or restrictions, which made me realise that I can do anything and everything.  

As FDR once said, ”We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” My present is very much influenced by my childhood.

As a boy, I was very enthusiastic about learning new things; be it solving the Irodov or finishing an entire book in a single day. As I grew older, I had the zest to compete, not for the sake of winning but for the sheer sake of the thrill of participating in different achievements. Learning was far more valuable to me than the prize. I would always prefer learning and experimenting things on my own rather than anyone guiding me. 

The Navy transformed me from a talented nerd to a talented leader of character. In the Navy, I learned how to become a critical thinker, and how to create a positive environment even in the toughest imaginable situations. From being a cadet to a Lieutenant Commander, the lessons I have learned in the Navy were far more finest than any academic qualification can provide.

Although the Navy was something that I loved being a part of, I wanted to serve the nation differently. I didn’t know what to do next, but i wanted to do something different. So I went on to stay in Goa to start something of my own. After a few hiccups, I started my own hotel and fought off drug peddlers to convert the hotels into highly successful business which then ranked #8 on Tripadvisor. 

The time went by, and in 2014, I realized that this was not why I left the Indian Navy. After taking a break, I went off to INSEAD, Paris, to finish my MBA. With lots of hard work, hours of study, and dedication, I completed the program with shining colours. Fresh out of business school, I was determined to forge my path to success and was planning to return to India.

Then a phone call changed everything, it was () from Rocket Internet. It’s rightly said that some conversations are forgotten after an hour, whereas others remain with you forever. This call was the latter. It was (caller), who wanted me to head the Cross Border E-Commerce division for the Jumia Group. I accepted the offer, and I was managing cross-border eCommerce across 21 countries spanning LATAM, Africa, South Asia, and China.

It was here that I realised, although cross-border e-commerce was huge in Europe and the rest of the world, Indian shoppers were yet to enjoy transactions with e-commerce companies in other countries. That was why, in 2016, I returned to India to set up EUNIMART and as they say the rest is history.