My Choices in Life

I chose the Armed Forces not because I wanted to play safe, but because I wanted to embrace the change I wanted to see in myself. I had a soft, artistic bent of mind, winning laurels for stage performances, becoming the editor of a national newspaper, etc. I could slip into extreme academic discussions as easily as I could keep company with an adventurous and boisterous gang of boys. All my life I have chosen to live on the very edge of my abilities, always looking to better myself. This is why I passed both the extremely challenging exams for the IITs and NDA even though the skill sets required to pass these exams are very different.

This is the reason I could take decisions with my career, which to many would appear like major risks — left the Navy against everyone’s advice to build successful businesses and left that for an MBA after which I joined a good company in a great role which I left to start Eunimart.